[LIMITED] #PinkCS12 Glow - Active Night Serum Special Edition

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Since 2016, CS12 has initiated and emphasises the awareness of breast cancer to the public. With experiencing her own’s path & journey on fighting breast cancer, our co-founder has made plenty initiatives in lending support to charities and organisations in their efforts to find a cure.

Redesigned in PINK with to pay tribute to the BCA Campaign with newly Upgraded Active Night Serum
Specially made with more than 7 types of natural ingredients, CS12 Active Night Serum helps to achieve glowing skin in days! With additional moisturising & extra antioxidant benefits of Coenzyme Q10 & Deep Sea Marine Collagen Peptides, it penetrates nutrition into mush deeper layer of skin hence to protect skin texture from being damaged and retain freshness of your skin: also, to increase the ability of our skin to hold water on a cellular level, firmness, strength and turgidity, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. 

Starting this October, CS12 Active Night Serum will be presented in PINK along with our CS12 Travel Essentials below.
- Active Night Serum, 30ml
- Miracle Mask, 2 sheets
- Hydro Milk Pre-Cleanse, 15ml
- Milky Cleanser, 15ml
- 24K-Gold Multi Eye-Solution, 6ml
- C-Correct96 Sun Protect, 6ml
- Soothing Gel / Infinity Aqua Care / E-Moist Crème, 6ml (based on your skin preference)

With purchase the #PinkCS12 Glow - Active Night Serum Special Edition, 10% of the purchase will be donated under each and every customers’ name to Breast Cancer Foundation for each designated country respectively:
Malaysia: BCWA Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia
Singapore: BCF Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation
How To
Volume Active Night Serum 30ml Hydro Milk Pre-Cleanse 15ml Milky Cleanser 15ml 24K-Gold Multi Eye-Solution 6ml C-Correct 96 Sun Protect Infinity Aqua Care 6ml (for sensitised skin) / Soothing Gel 6ml (for oily skin) / E-Moist Creme 6ml (for dry skin) Miracle Mask 30ml/sheet x 2