NoSensitiveSkin CalmEX Trial Pack

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#NoSensitiveSkin Specials
Now you can have a tryout on our two most well recognised CalmEX Products at its limited deals (worth MYR189).


The Idea of Double Cleansing
CS12 often emphasizes on the importance of double face cleansing. Even though you may not be exposed to the outdoor elements as much as usual, or are wearing makeup less frequently (if at all — we’re not!), it’s still important to wash your face daily. This two-step process makes sure you are getting every last stitch of makeup and pollution residue off your face at the end of the day. Long term, you’ll notice fewer zits and a happier complexion overall.
- Hydro Milk Pre-Cleanse 15ml
- Milky Cleanser 15ml

An Instant Boost with our All-time Favourite – The Calming Ampoule
Considered to be a more concentrated version of a serum essence, our signature patented calming formula helps to bring softness and lasting comfort to delicate skin texture. Also, this ampoule provides moisturising and ultimate protection to our skin, giving you a strong result on calming sensitized skin and sudden allergies.
- The Calming Ampoule 5ml

The Signature – CS12 Miracle Mask
Everybody loves skin pampering without hassle and too much time spent, get your mitts on CS12 Miracle Mask that comes heavily saturated with goodness. The mask is very cooling – a perfect tool for you to create a breeze and the chill effect from that breeze hits your skin and beats the heat! All you need to do is tear it open and pop it on while you carry about your day.
- Miracle Mask, 30ml/ 2 sheets

How To CS12 Miracle Mask contains 3 layers of textiles which helps to lock the fullness of the serum. Unfold and remove both plastic and blue textile layer and only apply silk skin layer. Re-apply / topping up if there's extra serum contained.
Volume Miracle Mask 30ml x 2 sheets The Calming Ampoule 5ml Hydro Milk Pre-Cleanse 15ml Milky Cleanser 15ml