Hydro Milk

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First Step Pre-Cleanse
Filled with Cucumber Fruit Extract, CS12 Hydro Milk helps to remove makeup and dirts effectively without leaving skin dry and squeaky feel that might caused irritation. Followed by our cleansers based on your skin's needs to double cleanse, giving you a refreshed, cleansed skin which is ready to absorb nutritions and serums effectively. Your skin texture will be smooth and supple.

The New PGC Cleansing Technology The New PGC™ Cleansing Technology
A gentle yet advanced cleansing technology that removes free-radical and excessive sebum that cause dullness while removing particulate matter with Purity Gentle Cleansing Technology without overly drying your skin surface, to ensure your skin is completely well prepped before moving onto the next step in your skincare routine. Need not to concern of its overly cleansed & might be stripping away your skin of lipids and ceramide that are essential to keeping your skin balanced and healthy.

Key Benefits:
Gently Remove Makeup
Dissolving Surface Impurities 
Reveal Fresh Skin
Without Leaving Skin Feeling Dry or Tight
Retain Smooth and Supply Skin

Ideally for:
All Skintypes including:
Normal Skin
Dry Skin
Sensitive Skin
Oily Skin

Main Ingredients:
Centella Asiatica Extract, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Cucumber Fruit Extract
**Please refer to the ingredient list on the product package you receive for the most up to date list of ingredients.
How To Spread Hydro Milk evenly on face and neck then gently massage to remove make-up by wiping off with pure tissue or facial cotton. Rinse off with water. *Tips: Follow by CS12 Milk Cleanser for deeply cleanse, fresh and pure skin.
Volume 180ml / 6.34 fl.oz